Cling refill box assembly method

'A sufficiently large size'

Cling uses a vacuum packaging method to insert HOCL into plastic bags. The plastic packaging helps protect from contamination from the moment the product is manufactured to the moment it is used. It is packaged once more with a box to protect the product from direct sunlight and allow for safe storage. The box is made of environment-friendly, recyclable materials. The packaging and weight have also passed the safety tests conducted by KARTi, making it safe against pressure or leakage. 

  The refill box comes in two sizes of 5 liters and 10 liters. They weigh about 5.2kg and 10.4kg, respectively. Each package has sufficient volume to make the product a good value product. Store the refill box in a cool area, away from direct sunlight.

'How to assemble the refill box'


  1. Remove the round part marked “A”. (You can throw this part out.)
  2. Remove only half of the part marked “B” towards the outside. Tear the part that is marked with a dotted line and pull it towards your torso.
  3. You will now see a round outlet colored white. Pull this part through the hole created by part A. Then hang it onto the ridge of the part B.
  4. Place the item so that the outlet faces upwards. Turn the lid to open it. (Not placing the item facing upwards would run the risk of the liquid flowing out.)
  5. You would see a transparent second lid. Remove this lid. (It has been sealed tight to prevent leakage, but you should be able to remove this with your hand.)
  6. Remove the safety pin of the valve that has been shipped with the item.
  7. Attach the valve by turning the opening.
  8. Place the item so that it faces the front again. This completes the assembly.